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Grief and Loss

Grief and mourning are natural responses to loss. Grief can show itself in various ways such as sadness, withdrawing, anger, anxiety, panic, shock and disbelief, irritability and/or numbness.


Grief, particularly prolonged or unresolved grief can impact on day-to-day, social, occupational and academic lives and can result in intense or prolonged feelings. Grief is an individualised experience for everyone, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to grieve.


Part of the healing process for grief is how we grow our lives around the grief and get a sense of the ‘new normal’ in adjusting to a situation following the loss. Grief and loss does not just include death of a human or pet, but can also include grief and loss of a significant life change such as losing a job, moving house and/or country or a family/marital separation.

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