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We all get depressive feelings from time-to-time and it is a natural emotional state when it is short lived. Depression, however, when left untreated or unresolved can feel debilitating.


Depression is a clinical issue which can often feel like anxiety or can co-exist with anxiety however, has some different features. Depression as a clinical condition impacts on day-to-day, work, school, social and interpersonal functioning. Depression is a clinical issue when the feelings of sadness, numbness or states of depression continue to occur when the cause of depression (or ‘stressor’) has passed and happen for a certain period (ie. more than two weeks).


Depression as a clinical condition that includes symptoms such as loss of pleasure, avoidance, a tendency to oversleep, a loss of motivation, a loss of interest, shame, guilt, low energy, low libido and an overemphasis on overthinking the past.

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